transit flight

Honestly I’m feeling very cold now, and I’m a bit scared I’ll miss my flight to san fran. I checked out early, but supershuttle didn’t manage to get me an even earlier shuttle to the airport.

Prefxed appointment
Pickup time: 12.04pm
Departure time: 2.44pm

That’s about 2hours 40mins, you think I can reach the airport on time? I’m actually freaking out right now once they told me there isn’t any earlier shuttle service for me. I called supershuttle and they say it’s guaranteed that I can board my flight on time. I’m hoping everything’s going to turn out fine.
Where’s my small faith?

In anycase, it’s good to be connected to data, it’s on the go and I feel way at ease (:
It’s a really scary thing to travel alone but I’d say it’s an experience.

Can’t wait to meet wanru, my roommate to be for 6weeks (: I do hope to know her better through this trip!

Dear God, I thank you for everything thus far and I pray you continue to go ahead before me and let me gain much from these. Love you!

Love all you guys too! Yes, I miss singapore food already.

Xx margaret


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