Hi friends, life is good but stressful, but still good hahah

There’s so much readings to cover.
I have a media quiz on friday, 2 parts of finance work due tue, and media report 1000word essay due wed. This is just the beginning. Mid terms are coming soon! You definitely see the competition amongst the UCB students.. it’s tormenting haha
Anyway im ultimately here for summer, so I do wanna enjoy myself.

Made myself a couple of asian friends so far, got myself a church-buddy, but, nah, no angmoh friends yet !! ):
Good thing Wan Ru (natalie) isnt a timid mouse, we managed to get ourselves to IKEA where 15 pc meatball set costs only $2.27 at Emeryville. And just now, we had our first outside meal with our Singaporean SMU friend at some famous pizza place. Never eaten such good vegetarian pizza in my life..
It’s the first week, so life’s been all about buying texts, stationery, necessities, hot pot to boil our milk tea and more food to stock up in our mini mama-shop.

If you wanna know about life in berkeley, environment’s quite pleasant, weather’s chill, housing is wonderful, food at dining area is acceptable, lessons are oddly interactive, homework are like bombs, friends are like pure awesomeness. I wake up really early every morning each day, so Im hoping to sleep in tmr because there’s finally no school tmr!
Gonna be meeting my new jap friend Nancy tomorrow for jap lunch!
She’s bringing Hiroko and I around Berkeley for a short while. Hopefully I get to find out more information about the church she attends and all. Can’t wait for Sunday actually!


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