Los Angelas, Hollywood

This is the week of mid terms. Just had a stupid quiz for media class this morning, which i didnt complete my readings thoroughly for on the bus back home. During class a moment ago, i was literally dozing off and suddenly the lecturer asked for my opinions and I just blanked out and blabbered nonsense.. everyone must think im some plain idiot now..

Well we arrived early this morning at 7am back in San Francisco and caught the earlier bus back home so we had time for breakfast. The past 3 days were awesome as usual. This time round, Natalie, Weng Chee, Yue Sheng and I went around north and downtown Los Angelas. Lovely Santa Monica Beach &Venice Beach they’ve got on the West Coast, looking towards the pacific ocean. Camarillo was fantastic, both lodging and outlets (omg), nothing beats the horrible krupa hotel i stayed for 2 nights in SF. Cruised through the pretty houses of Beverly Hills,  and walked the whole stretch of Hollywood Boulevard, and the Hollywood sign, how could we miss that? (okay it’s a cui spot to take pictures, but we didnt have much time left cause we overshot at Kate Spade the second morning)

A pity there wasnt time for Universal Studios, but it’s okay, my weekends were really fruitful. So the opportunity cost I incurred is the revision time for my wed and fri mid terms. Media is driving me nuts now, especially since I have appeared such a mute earlier today. Readings are like spilling every lesson I can stab.

I deserve a nap. But I’m waiting for Gee Young to return me my pfm text so I can start preparing for midterms on wed, that’s why I’m here. To another 4 more days of school, boo. To Friday for Yosemite, Cheers.

Waiting for friday, friday, better get down on friday!


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