Campus Crusade

1.5months since I returned home, and still reminiscing the days back in Berkeley. Been caught up serving God’s ministry the past month, helping out with crusade’s recruitment phase.

The thanksgiving we had on Thurs at Payalebar indeed showed me how God has blessed this ministry over the past 2 years Ive been in it. The 16 of us, (only 16) worked together as one, walked through calling, BBQ, WT, FOC and VT in 2 months even though some were away on mission trips/intern/summer school. But we did it. And with prayer, God blessed us with overwhelming responses from the freshmen. Are we really seeing changes in SIM? Mimi told us that the other universities did not manage to have the turn out like we have for each event. Too many that the 16 of us need help now. But God blesses. We’ll see what we can do with the very limited resources we have.

Now that recruitment is over, it marks a new beginning. With the already crazy shitload essays (6 left) I have to write, it’s time to do even a bigger business with God (:


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