y liddaaaat

So the night was spent moderately well and because I had a pack of fries at 1030pm I can’t fall asleep now

I can account for why I haven’t been able to focus well this study break. I haven’t been feeling satisfied at all with my individual assignment grades thus far and calculations and predictions of personal goals for the mods this sem are way beyond my wildest dreams. Okay not exactly very far, but considering the opportunity cost and effort needed to leap into the next tier of grades (ie Distinction) isn’t so simple. Which makes a very disheartened me who loses faith ending up with a heck-mentality. Horrible. I know this doesn’t give me any reason to slack, but it’s just so unwelcoming.

But ohwell, left with only 2 papers I know I can do it~ just gotta gather all my attention span on IHR tmr in the day and enjoy cell at night and end the day with the Lord and start the paper right come saturday morning!


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