Time check: 8:00pm
Weather check: Thunderstorm
Location check: My humble abode
Spiritual check:  Declining
Mental check: Strong
Physical check: Full from dinner

Holidays have started but I have not been making full use of it to accomplish things for the soul.
I have been creating promising, self-fulfilling prophecies and dreams but have only since procrastinated non stop.. which includes packing my table which never turns neat no matter how much junk I discard.

How’s November treating everyone?
1st week of November was clearing up of examinations
2nd week of November was literally spent laying in bed to catch up on every episode possible of the dramas I missed the entire year
3rd week of November I knew I had to get my butt out to earn some cash so it was dedicated to work
And now, stepping into the fourth week of November with nothing planned apart from Youth Camp come Sunday.

I know December is already packed. I know by the end of this holidays I would have spent time in 3 different camps, traveled to China, celebrated Christmas, have done enough retail therapy, gained lotsa weight etc.
I just know I need to do everything with a grateful heart.

It’s time I did a reflection-for the year- entry. The next entry it shall be!


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