I havent found my scheduler and of course im still really sad because it is truly very dear to me and well, I created a makeshift one by wrapping a free calendar with an old vintage book cover i bought in melbourne back in 09.
It’s really plain, so i gave it some decoration on the walls of the pages with pictures, stickers, verses, doodles, postcards etc

The creative side of me faded away ever since I stopped junior college. It was probably then I lost touch of basic designing/doodling. No it has not disappeared, I think there’s just a thick layer of dust plaguing my creativity senses so much so that I havent been expressing much interest in making my things unique and cute. This is probably so also because I have been busy with more things. More things dealing with the mind rather than with the fingers.

Well, now that i found more ZIG markers on my desk, taken many more pictures and stocked up a whole stack of stickers, im telling myself to pick up this habit again of loving my things by cutifying them again (:


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