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My Daddy Said -Sandra Lopez
Nothing lasts forever, I heard my daddy say.

More and more I realize this throughout the passing days.

He taught me a million lessons; he taught me all of his beliefs.

Though it took a while and hit so hard, his message was received.


Not all good things come easy, I heard my daddy say.

He showed me all the paths to go, still I took the hardest ways.

And I thank God for choosing me to be my daddy’s baby girl.


Good deeds truly do pay off; I heard my daddy say.

But mean each deed with an honest heart, no expectations; come what may.

Don’t give up on other people; no matter how they give up on you.

If you hope to be forgiven, you should offer forgiveness too.


God is always watching; I heard my daddy say.

Remember HE knows your every move, every second of every day.

You cannot hide your bitterness, or a single hateful thought,

HE’s aware of everything you do; HE knows exactly what’s in your heart.


Life was not meant for fairness, I heard my daddy say.

But learn from all its lessons and never make the same mistakes.

Let adversity be your teacher, let it build you to be wise.

Earn your way and take the time to see through someone else’s eyes.


I told your mom I’d spoil you, I heard my daddy say.

From the day you were born, it was my mission to spoil you every day.

Your sibling called you “Chiflada” and said you thought you were a queen.

Pero, ti amo muncho mi hija, you will always be MY queen.


Nothing is in your way, but you, I heard my daddy say.

You hold the key to everything; nothing is standing in your way.

Who can tell you, you can’t do it? Follow your passion with all your heart.

Don’t let anyone belittle you, tell you to stop, or prevent a start.


I won’t be here forever, I heard my daddy say.

Wow.  I don’t suppose I prepared myself for when the angels came that day.

Couldn’t I hear his guitar just one more time, one more joke or a story, short or long?

Daddy will I get to sit in your lap again and hear you sing another song?


Like the sunshine and the rain create rainbows in the sky,

That’s what my dad created, inside my heart, inside my mind.

My daddy often wondered just where his words had gone,

They are locked here deep inside me helping me to carry on.

He said: Go with God, my love, Go with God, my life,

Wherever you’ll go, I’ll come with you.  In your dreams, I’ll always be by your side
you’ll hear my voice, my sweet love; I’ll follow your heart, this you should always know.

So Go with God, my love and take me with you wherever you shall go.



Lord, will you grant me the strength and right words to use as I speak to Daddy in 2 minutes


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