ihouse dining hall


Hahaha i inspired @wanwanru to blog about food right after i did this post ! And look what Ive found..


This was the spread we had when we went over to residence hall (the other living accommodation that was rumoured to have delicious food) for our first and last time , courtesy of Kemin. It was round 1. We had round 2 of desserts and cream.

And… this is my daily needed dosage of congee every morning because I missed chinese food so badly. 1 bowl of it +1egg and any relevant sides served each morning.

Yummz right!!!????


Gasping at the amount we ate back in ihouse..
Prolly the worst among the asians …. our appetite = HUGE (as teressa would lament)




Mind you, breakfast could go up to 2 rounds and dinners could go up to 3 rounds.. all in 1day.  We couldnt afford for more rounds during lunches because time was very packed where we had to rush back for lunch and rush back to school for classes.. We will walk back to our rooms after dinner with a stick of strawberry icecream :O and steal apples and bananas to eat in room 717.. and all the random biscuits and crackers we have stocked up from walgreens… OMG.

I really didnt know why we were so greedy, i didnt know why we could even finish the meal points when others couldnt. i didnt know why we binged even though the food wasnt all fantastic…
& im very surprised how I even lost weight when I lived there for 9weeks. Wonders of Walking as a form of exercise …. (:



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