Le sigh

I need to start revision going but I have not
Is this an account of feeling overly confident? ): I have been cruising this sem ever since i got over the deadly sem4 and what makes it worse is that the grades I have been accumulating thus far for sem5 have surprisingly exceeded my expectations.. which makes me either 1) feeling even more motivated to keep this up or 2)to rest on my laurels and take things easy.
There is a part of me feeling guilty right now(which explains my lack of motivation) because i am tilting towards owning the attitude of the latter and this should not be the case. I definitely want my DWD printed on my degree cert.. and  I wonder if I still am going for the exchange ): I have not been praying or surrendering this for a while and the aussie side seem really slow in their replies so much that the easter break aint helping at all

Apart from the fact that year2012 has been treating me well, thankfully by God’s grace, I feel accomplished having grown slightly spiritually. April concludes my service for Campus Crusade, which has also slightly groomed my leadership abilities. I am feeling like a 22yo and I thank God for my friends. As May draws near, I look forward to the completion of term papers and the gearing towards missions. I am sure my summer would be as fulfilling or even more fulfilling than it was last year.


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