Entrepreneurship exam

Dry eyes and fried brain. I’m reminded of the night where I stayed up in Ihouse’s library just to mug for my mid terms during summer school. Was it week 3? We came back from Yosemite that week and I didn’t prepare for my exams at all so I forced myself to sit down and memorise those USA financial terms like Roth, %, insurances, stocks and what not…. It was pure torture because I was taking this module alone and had nobody to turn to.

Likewise, im trying to memorise another very foreign module (entrepreneurial process which is highly related to marketing or what i feel ) and t’s pure torture too… 😦

As I’m sitting in starbucks at nus’s utown in the wee hours of the night, im persevering on only because im looking forward to my pretty summer come Tuesday!

Half an hour more to go before Clare drives me home yay ! Really thankful for loads of friends to study with this sem
God really blesses people 😀


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