A mega load of adventure.

Four days ago I had thorough fun at Parc Omega with gabriel, ziqing and joel where we had direct contact with wildlife !!! For a fee of $20cad/person, cars drive through trails to see racoons, squirrels, deers, wolves, bears, buffalos, goats, horses, pigs, sheep etc The minute you drive into the park you see deers flocking towards you because they know you have tons of carrots. It was awesome screaming and dodging away from the deers who constantly barged through the windows. What I will not forget is their saliva that drips non stop (onto the window and our jeans) and the unavoidable carrot breath when they crunch in their mouth under our nose.

When we got home smelly and gross, I received an invitation from jerome to go on another road trip for the next 3.5days and so I dumped a massive lot of jackets into my rugsack and left dirty.

And so, I travelled to another 5 places in North Canada.

Les escoumins, Taudoussac, L’anse st jean, Parc du saguenay and Alma, further up north of Montreal, were beautiful and amazing. Together with 2 other polish D & M and 1 more Singaporean J , we watched whales, kayaked through a fjord, hiked a 7km trail, saw a waterfall and walked the village of Val Jabal.

Apart from the scenic views and photographic memory I get to bring home with me, I also am able to now declare that i have done a road trip the polish way. I did not manage to bathe for 3.5 days (did not bathe since i left in the morning for parc omega yuck), I spread nutella on bread for breakfast using a Swiss army knife , I changed while driving, I peed in the bushes, I pitched a tent, I slept at random self-declared camping grounds (an abandoned land beside a huge river for the first night and an empty field beside a cemetery at the base of the national park for the second night)

I really suffered sleeping and shivering in a tent overnight at 9 Degree Celsius and the second night in the car at 6 Degree Celsius so i gave up this camping idea and settled for a motel on the last night.

Right now we are heading home to another week of school. The car that served us well actually belongs to the polish guys, bought and driven from California (west of america) to Montreal (east of Canada) and they arent kidding.

Definitely wouldn’t mind travelling with them again sometime soon (minus the cold nights in tents)


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