Niagara falls

My butt is becoming dough and we are still not home. This bus journey home from toronto is kaboomz I can’t wait to get home to Montreal but I also don’t want this bus ride to end. What nonsense. I foresee the next ten days to be rather challenging because it is time to start preparing for mid terms.
Im beginning to doubt the statement ‘nobody studies on an exchange’ because that is really a sweeping statement and lie. People do study, they just don’t exactly care about studies but they still study!!

Spent the thanksgiving weekends marvelling at God’s creation. Never thought much about the 7 wonders of the world previously but I saw my 3rd yesterday and boy was it pretty! How can anyone not think about the creator of the heavens and the earth?! Definitely better than the great wall of china (beijing) and comparable to grand canyon (arizona). The prayer I made in front of the horseshoe falls was so surreal haha 🙂 there is just soooo many things to thank god for despite all the struggles going on over here. What a thanksgiving!

Oh and happy birthday mummy ! 🙂


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