Why this Commotion?

and so it seems like there was another intense commotion going on under this very roof
why? because of differences
different upbringing = different habits = different behaviour= different expectations = different beliefs = different arguments = different upbringing and it just moves in a cycle
i thought it was over or at least diminished halfway through the first term but apparently no
and it makes no difference that im taking a conflict management class and not being able to do anything much about it because im also avoiding it to a large extent

sometimes i wonder if i should have lived with singaporeans
sometimes i wonder if God placed me in this house with 4 other SMU students for a reason
sometimes i wonder what God wants me to learn from it
but maybe i should first stop wondering and start to think harder:

Being Thankful

1. that i even have a roof over my head
2. that i have chinese food to eat almost every other night
3. that i live in a very clean and well furnished home
4. that this place is smacked in a strategic location
and the list goes on

im not trying to ask myself look at whether a cup is half empty or full, but the very fact of me needing to be even more thankful is lacking.
well at least for now.


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