35 Worst Feelings That Aren’t Life Or Death

OCT. 31, 2012

1. Rolling over in bed and being greeted by a clock that’s alarm is going to ring in less than ten minutes.

4. Seeing emotionally damaging things happen to someone you care for — specifically stuff that it’s beyond your control to fix.

5. Buying something that ends up on sale shortly after. A clear sign that the Clearance Gods hate you.

10. A frozen computer screen when you’re in the process of working on an unsaved document.

11. Anytime a 30 second ad appears before the desired YouTube video and the “Skip After 5 Seconds” button isn’t available.

12. Realizing that you’ve made a typo or mistake in an un-editable Facebook status or Tweet. Especially if you’re friends with decorated members of the Grammar Police Force. It’s like speeding past a hidden cop car and knowing that those headlights will be turning on any second to pull you over and condescendingly lecture you about your wrongdoings.

14. Being genuinely confused with life and unsure what step to take next. (This is not the same as knowing what’s right but not wanting to do it. This is being legitimately lost.)

16. Having to leave a warm bed early in the morning during a cold winter.

18. Wet socks.

23. Being un-followed on Twitter. This is trivial in the big picture but in the world of social networking this is as disappointing as it gets.

25. Buying something for someone who you know won’t pay you back. They always conveniently forget their wallet and have a history of memory lapses when it comes to returning monetary favors.

27. Trying to fall asleep but being unable to breathe out of one nostril.

28. Having to use the restroom but being stuck in traffic or delayed by a long line. There’s nothing more terrifying than peeing your pants for the first time in 20+ years.

31. Leaving home and questioning if you left the oven on, the garage door up and the front door unlocked.

32. When you make a dedicated, honest effort to accomplish something and your best isn’t good enough. (The beauty of these trying times is that they are the challenges that we can submit to or persist through.)

34. When you realize that formerly a formerly close friend has become a complete stranger.

TC Mark

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