I failed

I am in the midst of a mental breakdown. Everyone close to me, or people who has been in contact with me the past week knows that ive been spending my time in the library mugging my ass of in preparation for investment.

It wasnt okay. I wasn’t okay. I pushed myself too hard and gave way today. It was the first time I spoke to a counsellor in my life. And it took place in Montreal. And it took place on exchange. And it took place because of studies. These 3 incidents are the most absurd and stupid sounding but yeah they occurred.

Together with the counsellor, we have decided to forgo my investment module . This has several repercussions which include having to take more one module back in Singapore next semester, starting work late and facing the possible wagging of tongues on this decision.

A Learning journey.
God has certainly helped me to recognise that failing on exchange isnt the biggest d-day for me. In fact he helped me see where my talents are and what I certainly do not excel in. He let me experience all of these abroad when I’m alone.

In no mood to go on any further.
Just want to thank these people for what they have done the past 5hours:

Marie my counsellor for setting everything out
Daphne for bringing my bag all way from library
Mummy and mich for listening
Joel and zq for talking about it
Aunty connie for reminding me about what lessons I can learn from this episode

One thought on “I failed

  1. Awww margs I just read this!! Hugssss 🙂 Hope you’re doing fine now! Tell your big problems that you have a bigger God ❤

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