One more day

Nobody is home except me, and i can go on ranting about how nobody studies for exams on exchange except me because I chose the wrong modules but no I should not. I did go out afterall, for a midnight movie, buffets and a christmas musical over the weekends.
My prof, T, replied my email an hour ago with his regards and it brought a smile to my face. Regrets/not, I can now put a closure to this Investment episode.
Well..December 2012 has been cool, literally and figuratively.

Oh and Montreal experienced a snowstorm last night (‘:
was almost moved to tears because the sight was just amazzing
I really cannot wait for tomorrow morning because I would have been done with my finals. Finance is really so boring and incomprehensible. R has been so patient every night explaining put/call options and I still catch no ball. I am plainly not suited in this field.

Come tomorrow, it’s time to start bidding farewell and looking forward to new beginnings
Definitely want to go through this time of Advent adoring Jesus.


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