Colossians 3:23 was my theme verse for the year and I experienced every aspect of it. Well, this year is all about loving the lord with all my heart soul and mind. To summarise, I encountered three big tests from God in 2012.

The first semester of this year was a struggle where I learned to love the lord by giving my all in campus ministry. God tested my love for him when he challenged me to serve more than I thought I could. I always assumed that it was a blessing from God to be granted a leadership position to serve. But he pushed my boundaries so much that I got angry with him. I needed to learn how to love god with all my heart. I didn’t know how then.

During the month of June, God sent me on missions to East Asia and tested my heart once again. I learned what loving God with all your soul meant. It demands your everything from planning to execution as assistant team leader for the team.

And now for the past four months I’ve been away from home an still am on an exchange. It’s coming to an end. Well technically it has already ended! God on this exchange tested me how to really love him with all my mind. It was literally a battlefield with lots of mind games.

As I look back, I see how God had all these tests put in place to help me grow. My personal takeaway is that God disrupts our plans at any moment in every unexpected way but through these disruptions he wants to see us still loving him with our heart, mind and soul. I’m glad I made it through because then I can get to share with people about this beautiful testimony he just did in 2012


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