R u ok?

Acknowledge that not absolutely everything sucks. Yes, there are about a hundred things wrong at the moment, but there are probably also a hundred other things that are not wrong. In fact, regardless of how minuscule, some things are probably going right. It’s not about not allowing yourself to feel like shit because you live in the first world and have a microwave or rich dad or whatever, it’s about a healthy dose of perspective. Go easy on yourself.

Turn off your shit. Shut your laptop and bury your phone under something. Just stop for a second and acknowledge willed solitude. Acknowledge how it feels to not have people buzzing for attention from all angles at all times. Suspend yourself in the silence and focus your attention on things you routinely ignore. Or just ignore everything if it’s too much to handle at the moment, whichever feels better and makes more sense. Acknowledge your world and exist in it.

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