20 random memories to keep from this exchange in Montreal

1. suck it in when your housemates do things that displeases you

2. skiing is not as easy as it looks

3. montreal has way too many pubs and clubs (i agree)

4. hec is known to be a party school (i didnt know that) (every tuesday, thurs and fri/sat/sun)

5. dont only hang around the mcgill bubble, visit areas like cote de neige/ mont royal plateau/ st denis to get the real french feeling

6. there is static everywhere you cant wear dri-fit because it sticks to you and shows everyone the contours of your fat body :O

7. certain people like my housemates are really smart, like genius and out of my league

8. being hardworking does not pay off and guarantee results, but that doesnt mean that you stop being hardworking

9. forced to speak minimal french

10. regret only after splurging on an expensive meal

11.visit ardene like mad because it’s the cheapest store in town

12. you know you are tired but you still travel every weekends

13. im not a good cook at all and i think im not kidding

14. people i forged proper intimate friendships with come from Africa(Cameroon), Australia(sydney), Belgium, Brazil(sao paulo), China(Nanjing), Korea(seoul), Mexico(Monterrey, Mexico city, guadalajara), Poland(warsaw), Singapore, Spain(Madrid) and Taiwan(Kaoshiung) the rest are all like hibye ~

15. to strip and change in front of azq at anytime

16. dunk bottles of beers down throat while playing circle of death

17. spam make up like mad before going for parties

18. text each other when you are high

19. late night serious conversations when we cant get to sleep

20. allow for random love stories but know they wont last


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