dramatic things that happened

# missed my greyhound bus at 1201am and was almost left homeless for a night

# paid 40$ for a night in the motel because i could not survive another cold night in the car during a road trip

# hiked for 7km when the sun was setting

# plucked up enough courage to go on a haunted tour in Ottawa

# sat in a vintage cuban car that was speeding and had no breaks

# complete bull shitting in class when the professor asks for opinions

# my counsellor walked me to st joseph’s oratorie to be left alone and crying to God

# skipped a term paper

# went to quebec city without planning any itinerary

# let a stranger walk me home while i was tipsy

# called a doctor a “lawyer of medicine” because i was drunk

# hangover while visiting statue of liberty and ended up not seeing it  because i was puking away in the toilet on the ferry

and many more


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