I dont get it

what is filial piety? i dont know what it is
and i dont know how to do it from within my heart

im not discounting the fact that life have been super tough for mommy since daddy fell ill while i was in montreal
i cant feel her pain but i can imagine the pain she had to go through especially when michelle was away in korea/japan

but i am finding it very hard to be around daddy now that i have been back and rotting at home literally for 7days straight just to cater to him
i mean if he was lying in bed whole day/ required close attention it would mean an entirely different thing
but he is fit enough to move around so i do not see the point in me “being around him”
yes I might be able to assist in his medication timings or preparing meals but that is it
in fact i am terribly upset with him because he isnt trusting in the right things neither is he trying to help himself get better
all the “still snacking away” and “spending time aimlessly” annoys me

i havent been able to make meaning out of my life the past 7 days
am i supposed to close one eye or scold him/slap him awake? am i supposed to understand his plight and be there for him or go ahead with my activities (many of which i have turned down)? this is no fun because I have a life to lead too and so does mum and mich

not a very appetizing january afterall ):



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