Little things I learnt in life during my first internship

People usually intern during summer breaks but im not the ‘usual’ ):
In year 1, I joined dailyscoop out of boredom and stayed on for approx 2 years while schooling
In year 2, I attended Summer School
In year 3, I committed to one full month of overseas missions

Well I started out my first internship only at the age of 23
It was a decision I made and an opportunity I came across on my junior’s FB wall feed 3 weeks after I came back from NYC possibly just to “kill time” and to “say hey everyone, im interning right now and get some glorification”

I once read somewhere that internships have become a norm for college students and that it creates zero value during their attachment to companies (big or small) That being said, I thank God for this chance to have been through one in Singapore

Rubbish I learnt:

SMEs are really bullshit: Youre working in a “we’re growing bigger but not that big yet” organisation and so you get the bad of both worlds (lack of structure for doing things + existence of red tapes that restricts you to do certain things) The top management is vicious beyond imagination, who only looks at results at the expense of welfare and personal development.

But then again, You do meet people of substance: I think when you meet someone with quality and an eye for detail who can deliver you cant help but want to learn from them. You meet people who come from completely different walks of lives and personalities, but there are only those few you know you rather deligate duties to because they are able to give you what you ask for – they just have it while the others dont.

Then there will always be people you dislike/detest in office: You meet weird people and wonder how they ever survive in life. You disagree with their dressing and marvel at their makeup. Their tone and voices annoy you to the bones. You roll your eyes the moment you walk away after speaking to them. You question their concern they have for you on whether it’s to build you or kill you.

Colleagues (in general) are not friends: This is quite hard to swallow because the world is no longer fairytale like in school. I mean you can share about life and opinions but you need to know how much to share. Like not too much but not too vague – which is very what the hell? You just feel so superficial that such relationships exist.

New definition of Weekends/ leaves: Okay this one no joke. Working only a 4 day week and having Tuesdays off is the best thing ever because I leap home on Mondays knowing that I can sleep in and only start work on Wednesdays. Weekends are brought to a whole new level but also a time for grumble and procrastination for what is to come after Sundays.

You have new revelations: Like typing emails can be really therapeutic in my opinion. The pleasure I get out of explaining/sending simple requests to a CEO of XXX Company remains to be highly satisfying haaa and I suck at excel and should probably attend some course for it in case I need it in future

anyhow, i have picked up a few honest friendships. I think a new factor that would make me stay on in a company has got to be the culture and environment thankfully some of them are young and fun and that perks me up a whole lot during breaks

let’s see how my career works out over the next few years…
with first, an interview coming up in approx 2 weeks


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