Compliment someone today!

An sms was sent out to 2 weeks ago and it wrote
“You might not have been a mother of flesh and blood to any kid, but Happy Mother’s Day to you because you have been a Mother to many through your works in ministry. You have even been a better Mother than most as some would say and you really deserve a pat. Happy Mother’s Day Aunty Connie”
I dont know what was going through Aunty Connie’s mind when all the little kids were running up to mothers in the sanctuary passing them gifts as a form of appreciation. Aunty Connie wasnt even standing up because technically she wasnt a Mother.
After service that morning, she went up to the text sender, also my friend, and gave her a warm bear hug.
“Thanks for the message, you really made my day” was all she said but we know behind that statement was utter happiness.

Nobody told my friend to send that Sms. It was initiative on her part from her heart. And I think this is something we can learn from, that sometimes all it takes from us is only that much. It may be gifts, words, service, touch or quality time but they really do go a long way. I have skipped mannnny opportunities to compliment or encourage my peers/loved ones for the simple things they have done for me. Have you? Let’s all try to compliment someone at least once each week! But dont be so fake and do it just for the sake of doing so, cause then it loses the essence in all entirety.


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