I also want to add that sometimes things are better than it seems. During breakfast on the third day, mah homies had no new tables left so we sat with a middle aged couple from church and had our meal with them. We were sharing about our parentals and I was really touched to hear how actually my folks have been seen as a good “testimony” to people around church ..

FYI, my Dad had a stroke last year which left him walking with a stick and my mom on the other side.  Di and Ly mentioned to me a couple of times that it was during the hospitalisation phase of Dad that helped bridged relationships between my parents and theirs’ and gave them a “reason” for continuing to attend church despite how unwelcoming it was. It did not occur to me how ‘powerful’ they were until the couple shared that Dad and Mum were really highly respected by them because of the “love” that was shown between them. Apparently they were seen snapping shots of one another by the beach, hmm.. and also the help rendered by my mum whenever my dad asks for anything.. This was not the end. Before the fruit farm excursion, I saw my folks holding each others’ hand while queuing to get up the bus and I was :O

Okay honestly their relationship is not so good if you live with me, but I am glad that some have testified about how they have inspired or helped them in anyway. I just wish that my folks will continue this way and that this isn’t a facade. I do not have the smartest parents or best loving parents, I just hope they maintain and build on their relationship while centering it on God’s.


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