There are different types of maturity. There is physical maturity (having a healthy well developed body), intellectual maturity (having a trained mind and coherent world-view), moral maturity (referring to people who have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil Heb 5:14), and emotional maturity (having a balanced personality, able to establish relationships and assume responsibilities). But above all, there is spiritual maturity. What is that? Well, the apostle calls it maturity ‘in Christ’, that is, having a mature relationship with Christ…. To have a mature relationship with Christ in which we worship, trust, love and obey him.

The Radical Disciple, John Stott

I have been reading lately and I thought this passage speaks a lot about my peers as we all enter adulthood. As I was reading the chapter on maturity, I tried gauging myself on how I fared for each of these types. Physical happens naturally with puberty. Intellectual happens in most countries today with governments emphasising the need to educate- and then we see distinguish how some kids are brighter while others not so. Moral maturity is taught, in this case I would accrue it to my upbringing in Church. Emotional maturity comes along with guidance and experiences. But spiritual maturity.. is something not everyone understands. It is real, but not everyone is aware of it. Spiritual maturity started for me in Primary School maybe? But then it only started growing rapidly when I was 19. It has been four years and I think I am still very immature in this aspect. What about you? People tell me that I am quite a mature person.. I wonder if I am today


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