Commuting – in transition from point A to B (Mat Welss)

Well, an important part of a successful transition is simply recognizing that you are in a transition and knowing the areas of your life where you should expect a loss of equilibrium. Important parts of your life are in flux, and sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. Things may not feel right anymore, and you may not know why. You may feel stressed. With that stress, depression and anxiety (they’re kissing cousins) creep in. Before you know it, your world is upside down, and you might not know why or know how to set it right again.

Some of the ways you may experience this stress include doubt (feelings of being out of God’s will), lack of motivation, sleeping more or less than you used to, a fall into bad habits at home, escapism (watching even more TV or playing even more video games), a change in eating habits, and my personal favourites: irritability and a lack of concentration.

Experiencing these things is normal, and it is not wrong. As you get used to the changes, your life will feel normal again. Trust me, it will. A healthy response is to use your transition as a time to draw closer to God. Continue doing the right things, the things you know to do.


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