has it been 1 week?

on certain days you will be happy but on others you end up freak angry
today is a perfect example of one ending on a low note
i feel so accused and upset that mum had the cheek to say things of her assumption,
i feel so maligned that mich didnt even tell aunty connie that she sent her the wrong text
and with those, things got twisted from aunty connie’s mouth and nobody helped to clarify anything anyway anyhow
and the whole world in cell can just continue thinking and perceiving me in a freaking new bad lousy light
whatever shit attitude/tired face/emotionless soul/spoilt shit i am…………
i learnt in cell to reflect on how God is still good but no this is shit and so hard to deal with.. all these lame actions people commit which make them fail you

what a friday night, i thought my week would end good like how the entire day went but nope


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