Cry it out

If you want to cry, watch this video

Sometimes you never know how privileged we are until you see videos like these. We wallow in self pity and forget how much God has provided all along.. I wish I could find Chanel and talk to her, and give her a hug for all that she has been through and encourage her to pursue life to the fullest now that she has found hope. I believe she has found God and he has filled the void in her life. Can never imagine if I was put through in any of their positions because I would prolly cry until there is no water content in my body… which is why I think God is fair, because he gives you only so much you can handle.

Everytime you read blogs or scroll through instagram and fb newsfeeds you only get to see people suffering from their first world problems. This is what society makes us to be today, we only know how to get jealous at first world issues. I am so grateful tonight for having a glimpse of others’ lives today, and nope those in the video did not make me feel better than them, neither did those on the social sites make me feel lousier than them. I think this is a case of reflecting and re-knowing where God placed you to be and how you still can be a blessing to others no matter how what when and where.


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