They didn’t hear me- they won’t anyway
When A spoke “that’s like throwing me in to fight fire” it resounded my circumstance
I learnt a simple fact during my stint in the marketplace today

1) Power means a lot
Nobody listens to an intern because you are only around to assist and learn. The effort that you put in gets recognised but it only goes that far to impress anyone. I thank God for people like Y who come in with power and use their power effectively. The moment Y comes in and understands your plight or certain unreasonableness of reporting/ tracking, a word that comes forth her mouth rings power. These words that are brought to the table during meetings where interns never get involved in are finally heard and because of her power, she is able to reason things out and people WILL listen to her. They hear interns but they don’t listen to interns. This power is silent and increases proportionately against ranks- so that makes an intern with virtually zero power and Y with mega high power of which has thankfully been put to very good use

The day ended supremely well
And I look forward to becoming a Y in future – not just being powerful but using power right to justify for the little minions down there

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