26 Beauty Lessons I’ve Learned At 26


Thought Catalog

1. You’ll always be more critical of yourself than anyone else. People around you don’t notice all the little things. (But they always notice lipstick on your teeth. Get a handle on that.)

2. Wash your face every night. No, seriously – or try your extra-hardest. Keep some of those handy-dandy face wipes near your bed for the nights you’re too exhausted or wasted to even consider SOAP AND WATER.

3. No amount of hair dye is going to convince a boy of anything. If he didn’t want you as a blonde, he isn’t going to want you as a redhead.

4. That said, boys will always think you’re pretty no matter if your eyebrows are done or not. At least the good ones will.

5. If “done” eyebrows are key to your confidence, though, then by all means, do them every day. I recommend Benefit BrowZings.

6. Observe the…

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