Reflections 2013

The year is coming to an end but it defo does not feel like it because the past 2 months has been helluva cray cray

1. Work struggles
Cray cray in the sense where you get a glimpse of what it means to be drowned in work or otherwise be termed as workaholic. Well there are also inevitable struggles just like any other fresh grads wherein lies doubts like “no job security” or “is this what I really want to do” which nobody can answer so we really have to leave it to God and Trust. And this is tough because bringing faith into the career framework is not something everyone endorses. Some colleagues find you weird but then you realise that actually nobody really cares, because as long as they get their job done, nothing else really matters.

It’s been close to six months .. and im happy im still surviving the marketplace ministry. I call this “in the world” and I find it a huge struggle to be part of this world. Not really looking forward to 6 or 16 more years of working right now though..

2. People struggles
Different people work for different reasons. Some for personal progression, some for family but actually all work for money. I have learnt that money buys you things but not everything. Just the other day the extended family quarrelled over monetary issues, and the louder their conversations went, the clearer God revealed to me that greed for money is a selfish chase at the expense of love and kinship. WWJD? It’s also where I made a promise to God that never will I put him off the throne of my life.

3. Relationship struggles
So when most of the colleagues you hang out with are in relationships you start to reevaluate or jump into conclusions why you’re still single.. About why you chose nobody in the end of all the guys you’ve gone out with the entire year :/ only to get reminded that this growing insecurity is needless, and remembering how a prayerful heart that chases after God is what singles should never forget to do 🙂

Which is ultimately why I really look forward to 2014 because the above 3 struggles will be accounted for with God in the coming year. What more, now as an assistant cell leader I get to be anointed with His blessing and be empowered to love and serve His kingdom at a whole new platform. This new responsibility is and will be greatly rewarded!


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