If It Seems Like We’re All Single, Why Can’t We Find Anyone To Date?

cuz finding one who loves and fears God is not so easy

Thought Catalog

I recently realized that, with the exception of a few, the vast majority of my friends are single. These are women of ages varying from 30 to 60 — all intelligent, attractive and interesting yet they are alone, some terminally, others traipsing from one unsuccessful relationship to the next.

(Last week I even wrote about one friend who was financially supporting her boyfriend. Three days after the article ran, he dumped her over the phone telling her he needed to be free. Talk about timing. She is 32 and once again single with a heart which, when healed, will be harder and less open to love.)

I wonder if single people have some shared qualities that cause them to seek one another out, some sort of gene which is repellent to a romantic partner but brings us together in commiseration over bottles of cabernet sauvignon on dateless weekend nights.


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