We were kinda Perthetic

Packing my room and clearing the trash I brought back from Perth. Because too many unnecessary luck befell on us, we scribbled them down on a scrap paper while roadtrippin’ just for keepsake. Here goes:

1. Confiscated Fruit Fork at boarding gate

2. Road Block en route to Filter

3. Cracked iphone that flung out of the car

4. Very Sticky Table for brunch at Typika

5. Ugg Boots that tore at Lancelin Dunes

6. Screwed up orders at Sayers

7. Insistent shadows at Boat House cause we went at 3pm

8. Summon at Northbridge

9. Fail purchase of Smiths Potato Chips

10. Emma’s Seafood Shop Closed for the day

11. Near Roadkill accidents x 2

12. Black until cannot black face server at Lobster Shack

13. Ciao Italia language barrier

14. Retarded bunbury dolphin discovery center

15. Car Door Dent at Cape Leeuwin

16. Police swingby while Naomi sped on the freeway back home


nonetheless, we also had YOLO moments

1. Ice cream at Busselton Beach at 11pm

2. Jogging along the bay at 12am




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