Thought catalog inspired

Just read an article on thought catalog and got inspired to do my own version of “being single and the men I kinda almost dated”

Or somewhat /

1. 11SGPCG
We were still young and prolly felt lonely abroad Did feel like a date when you asked for a hug and when you asked if we could HTHT together at the bus stop after class one day The couple of times you drove to pick me up to go for pizza and grocery shopping was nothing but joyy and fun Even back home when you
often asked to hang sometimes I wonder what we would be if I led you on back in 2011

2. 12MTLNM
You told me I was cute at the gala and you asked me to hang with your local junkies You and your skateboard I thought it was so cute The poker and beers amongst the québécois was something I indulged for the first time and the fun we had hiding your friend in the boot just so we all could drive to labanquise at 3am get poutine, dopeness

3. 12GMYPZ
The casual conversation we had from predrinks at the common room to walking to the metro to holding my bladder so bad it burst before reaching the pub. Joke. The big jacket when it was fuhreezing and there wasn’t enough clothing the night everyone was queuing out in the open because the club was packed to the brim and we had to wait 1 hour before entering

4. 12SPNED
The meet on public bus home where we exchanged phone numbers extended to a trip downtown to get something for your little sister and also my skiing coat
Texting lasted awhile and defo won’t forget the night you got me upset but sprung up at my place to make us pasta just so we could spend time before I left Montreal for good

5. 12NYCJO
That late shuttle between NYC and NJ got you worried for my safety I thought it was really sweet of you walking me to my doorstep The offer to meet again at your restaurant was tempting but nope leaving for home in 2 weeks was a bad idea to start anything
Sweet nothings but still sweet

a The hour chat exposed me to your world and the walk home at 1am was a much needed expression of gentlemanliness but other than that no
b Having a common friend helped because it added more common topics but the lead up to that night was dramatic but thankfully things were kept in control
c Foreigners will always be close to heart because the exchange of cultures brings your new knowledge from food to lifestyle to language to even dating knacks but similarly no
d Seasons in life matters and when it is hard to accommodate nothing can help it but it was a helluva fun ride literally and I was happy that 5 months though it ended with nothing

These few are those imprinted in my life. Can’t figure if I left out any! But looking back now these tales does paint a rather colourful picture. Looking forward to more paintings this 2015 🎨


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