The 5 Most Underrated Personality Traits In A Partner

Thought Catalog

Jacinta MooreJacinta Moore

5. Respectable Group of Friends

If Charles Manson has taught us anything it’s that friends are the most important thing in the world and that The Beatles have influenced more psychopaths than Metallica and Judas Priest combined. There are two reasons why friends are such an important factor.

First, unless you’re planning to shack up with a total pussy, expect to spend a lot of time with these folks. People that refuse to hang out with their partner’s friends are worse than a rainforest crotch-rash. If every time you invite your partner to hang with your friends, they roll their eyes and pretend to have a lupus flare-up, it’s not going to work. Think about it. They were friends before you came around. If you don’t find a way to adapt, you’re the asshole. Trust me, you don’t want it to get there.

Secondly, the old adage is…

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