IMG_2867 Slightly more than 1.5 years ago, my journey at DBS started out with the one on my right. We were shaft to a corner to fend for ourselves. I’m not too sure how far left and I became close, probably because we had similar career goals then so it was comfortable having a friend at work. Then with time I asked for more work and got a chance to be involved with campus program recruitment so I started working with the one on the left. Overtime we became family. My family on the left and my buddy on the right 🙂 Oh those days.. Oftentimes I feel sad to no longer have my table in MBFC. The general stigma of being second class in DAH is a harsh replicate of the lower class students in SIM i faced 4 years ago. Such truths are difficult to swallow and bear but I choose to see them as God’s way of humbling my selfish desires, juggling both contentment and challenges while still experiencing his grace that so deeply abounds. For one, God is good and will continue to watch over my journey here. For two, the people both in asia hub and central are for keepsakes. For three, the ups and downs of work I faced all these while has shaped me to who I am today. Cheers ahead to a career that God has in store for me !


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