15 Signs You Need A Serious Vacation From Life


Thought Catalog

Jörg SchubertJörg Schubert

1. You clicked on this article because you’re avoiding actual work.

2. You fantasize about falling asleep and never having to set an alarm. Oh the joy of just waking up when your body is ready! What a beautiful, beautiful thought.

3. You’ve stocked up on frozen foods because the energy it requires to cook seems like the thing that will put you over the edge.

4. You’re weirdly jealous of children. Just running around, playing games, no bills to pay. “YOU’VE GOT IT GOOD!” You internally shout as you pass an elementary school.

5. Phone calls seriously stress you out. Whenever your phone rings you momentarily think about throwing it in the ocean. No ocean nearby? You’ll settle for a sink.

6. You’ve Googled, “Can humans hibernate?”

7. The amount you jokingly (maybe) say, “I hate everyone!!!” is steadily increasing.

8. Whenever Netflix says, “Are you still…

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