Reflections 2015

Love Decembers because it is when we do closures and look back to see how far we have all come

It has been tremendously fulfilling this year with ups and downs

Coaching & Mentorship
Job advancements

Very blessed to have tasted the goodness of God 🙂

I recall the day i walked passed this empty road off Montreal back in 2012.. it was a road less travelled, not sure if it led to the wilderness, but it reminds me on the journey I’ve been taking this year. The ambiguity and apprehension reflected in the image describes perfectly “the journey to nowhere”. But this journey has moulded me in character and stature thus far and i, am extremely grateful.

To Pratima, Christine, Leonghwee, Boon, Bryan, Esther, Sharon, Mokka, Joshua and many others that have made a significant change as i turn a quarter of the century, thank you for entering into my life.





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