Reflections in Raffles Hospital

It was 3 weeks ago Josh’s mum ended up in hospital from minor heart attack and the following week hearing about a friends’ dad’s passing. Two days ago doctor mentioned that mummy’s muscle on her arm is inflamed and this morning I’ve been diagnosed with thyroid

Happy birthday margs 

This is a gift God has given on my 26th birthday and a time to be closer and even more reliant on him

As I wait outside room 2 for Dr. Eric Teh to read on the scans and blood test I did earlier I cannot let go of the work I have back in changi.. Have to remind myself that there are far greater things to be prioritising like life and family .. 

Nonetheless this week has been thoroughly fun, especially Vietnam and of course the surprises I’ve received prior to my hatchday 🙂 2016 could not have been kinder for this slow moving week of rest and heartfelt thanks from my loved ones


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